Students in the joint BS-CIS/MBA program must complete:

  • The CIS required and required-related courses excluding CIS 350 and CIS 432;
  • ACCTG 201, ECON 202, FIN 330 and MKTG 340;
  • A CIS major within the Hasan School of Business; and
  • All remaining specified MBA courses.

In addition, students must satisfy all GPA requirements for the BSBA and the MBA (see the MBA listing under the Graduate Programs section of the catalog).

In addition, the following MBA courses must be completed (see the MBA listing under the Graduate Programs section of the catalog).

MBA Core

Courses Title   Credits
ACCTG 510 Managerial Accounting   3
BUSAD 502 Business Ethics & Environment   3
ECON 510 Economics for Managers   3
FIN 530 Financial Management   3
MGMT 511 Production/Operations Management   3
MGMT 520 Mgmt. of Organizational Behavior   3
MGMT 585 Management Policy & Strategy   3
MKTG 540 Marketing Management   3
In addition, the following CIS courses must be completed:
CIS 532 Senior Professional Project 6
CIS 550 Data Base Systems   3
CIS 581 IT Implementation   3
CIS 582 IT Strategy   3

Undergraduate Course Rotation
MBA Course Rotation PDF
Academic Honesty Policy

In summary, the joint degree plan has the following requirements:

General Education 36
Quantitative Analysis 10
Required-related Courses 9
Business and Other Electives 13
CIS Required Courses 31
CIS Elective Courses 9
MBA Requirements   36