The major in accounting leads to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA). The primary objective is to provide an academic program that covers the conceptual basis of accounting as well as the application of accounting doctrine in current accounting practice. The programs of study are functional in that they provide the broad base of knowledge required by the accounting profession.

Goals for Accounting Major

Students must demonstrate the knowledge or skills of:

  • Financial accounting, theory and practice, including revenue and expense recognition, valuation approaches, preparation and analysis of financial statements; and
  • Cost and managerial accounting, including cost accounting, planning, evaluation, allocation, and budgeting processes.

The Curriculum

Requirements for Accounting Major

Courses Title Credits
ACCTG 301 Intermediate Accounting I   3
ACCTG 302 Intermediate Accounting II   3
ACCTG 311 Federal Income Tax    3
ACCTG 320 Cost Accounting   3
ACCTG 401 Advanced Financial Accounting   3
ACCTG 404 CPA Law   3
ACCTG 410 Auditing   3
ACCTG 430 Accounting Information Systems     3
  TOTAL 24

Course Rotation
Planning Sheet
Academic Honesty Policy