Business Management

The major in business management leads to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and provides students with the theoretical and conceptual basis of business as well as application skills to assume leadership roles in industry, government and education.

The undergraduate business management major permits students to select one emphasis as a specialty area. The knowledge and skills acquired with the major in business management can be used in a number of areas, including human resource and operations management. The business management major with information technology emphasis prepares students for careers in managing technology in modern organizations. The business management major with a specialization in marketing prepares the graduate to successfully promote and sell goods and services.

Goals for Business Management Major

Students must demonstrate core business knowledge or skills in:

  • Organization concepts including various design arrangements;
  • Human resource management to include effective practices or recruitments, training and development, appraisal, compensation, and motivation;
  • Interpersonal relationships and effective small-group project management.

The Curriculum

Requirements for Business Management Major

Courses Title Credits
MGMT 318 Human Resource Management   3
MGMT 365 Management Info. Systems   3
MGMT 475 International Management    
MKTG 475 International Marketing   3
MGMT 3/400 Electives   9
Business electives (3/400-level)     6



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