Computer Information Systems

The Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS) prepares graduates for successful careers in the computer information systems and information technology (IT) fields. Students complete a comprehensive, relevant, computer information systems curriculum that delivers high-demand knowledge, skills, and abilities in: software and web application development, systems analysis and design, network design and administration, database design and development, and IT security.

Goals for Computer Information Systems Major

The CIS graduates will be able to:

  • Design and develop desktop and web-based applications using modern programming tools, techniques, and architectures.
  • Design and develop internet-based systems using sound web design principles and multi-tiered architectures.
  • Model, design, and develop database systems, including administrative processes and procedures for database management.
  • Develop and configure safe and secure systems infrastructures that incorporate hardware, telecommunications, systems software, operating system, and systems configuration components.
  • Perform all facets of a modern systems analysis and design methodology, including systems implementation.
  • Plan, schedule and coordinate all tasks and activities involved in IT project management.

The Curriculum

Please see the Catalog: CIS Section

General Education

Please refer to the General Education Requirements in the Undergraduate Programs section of your catalog.

Humanities: Must include 3 credits of SPCOM 103 or equivalent
Social Science: Must include ECON 201 and ECON 202
Mathematics: Must include MATH 121
Quantitative Analysis:
MATH 221 Applied Calculus
BUSAD 265 Inferential Statistics & Problem Solving
MATH 156 Introduction to Statistics
BUSAD 360 Advanced Business Statistics

CIS Core Courses

Courses Title   Credits
CIS 100 Intro to Word & Windows   1
CIS 103 PowerPoint & Web Publishing   1
CIS 104 Excel Spreadsheets   1
CIS 105 MS Access DBMS   1
CIS 150 Computer Information Systems   3
CIS 171 Intro to Java Programming   4
CIS 185 PC Architecture   3
CIS 240 Object-Oriented Ana. & Design   3
CIS 271 Adv. Program Design with Java   4
CIS 289 Network Concepts   3
CIS 311 Intro. To Web Development   3
​CIS ​315 UNIX Operating System 3​
CIS 350 Database Systems   3
CIS 432 Senior Professional Project   6
CIS 493 Senior Seminar     1

Required Related Courses

Courses Title   Credits
BUSAD 270 Business Communications   3
MGMT 201 Principles of Management   3
MGMT 368 Project Management   3

CIS Electives (12 Credits)

CIS electives are selected from the list below. Students may focus their CIS major in one of the following areas: computer security, software and web application development, systems analysis and design, database design and development, and network design and administration.

Courses Title   Credits
CIS 356 Mobile Application Programming   3
CIS 359 Advanced Programming with C#   3
CIS 360 IT Security   3
CIS 401 Network Systems Admin   3
CIS 402 Linux networks & Routing   3
CIS 411 Internet Server-Side Prog.   3
CIS 450 Database Systems II   3
CIS 461 IT Security Management   3
CIS 462 Computer Forensics   3
CIS 481 IT Implementation   3
CIS 482 IT Strategy   3
CIS 490 Special Projects   1-5
CIS 491 Special Topics   1-5
CIS 496 Cooperative Education 1-5

Computer Security Emphasis

CIS majors can complete the Computer Security emphasis by completing the following 12 CIS elective credits:

Courses Title   Credits
CIS 360 IT Security   3
CIS 461 IT Security Management   3
CIS 462 Computer Forensics   3
CIS 401 Network Systems Administration  
CIS 402 Linux Networks and Routing   3

Course Rotation
Planning Sheet
CIS 4-Year Plan
Academic Honesty Policy
CIS Prerequisites