Computer Information Systems

Goals for Computer Information Systems Major

The CIS graduates will be able to:

  • Design and develop desktop and web-based applications using modern programming tools, techniques, and architectures.
  • Design and develop internet-based systems using sound web design principles and multi-tiered architectures.
  • Model, design, and develop database systems, including administrative processes and procedures for database management.
  • Develop and configure safe and secure systems infrastructures that incorporate hardware, telecommunications, systems software, operating system, and systems configuration components.
  • Perform all facets of a modern systems analysis and design methodology, including systems implementation.
  • Plan, schedule and coordinate all tasks and activities involved in IT project management.

The Curriculum

Please see the Catalog: CIS Section

General Education

Please refer to the General Education Requirements in the Undergraduate Programs section of your catalog.

Humanities: Must include 3 credits of SPCOM 103 or equivalent
Social Science: Must include ECON 201 and ECON 202
Mathematics: Must include MATH 121
Quantitative Analysis:
MATH 221 Applied Calculus
BUSAD 265 Inferential Statistics & Problem Solving
MATH 156 Introduction to Statistics
BUSAD 360 Advanced Business Statistics

CIS Core Courses

Courses Title   Credits
CIS 100 Intro to Word & Windows   1
CIS 103 PowerPoint & Web Publishing   1
CIS 104 Excel Spreadsheets   1
CIS 105 MS Access DBMS   1
CIS 150 Computer Information Systems   3
CIS 171 Intro to Java Programming   4
CIS 185 PC Architecture   3
CIS 240 Object-Oriented Ana. & Design   3
CIS 271 Adv. Program Design with Java   4
CIS 289 Network Concepts   3
CIS 311 Intro. To Web Development   3
​CIS ​315 UNIX Operating System 3​
CIS 350 Database Systems   3
CIS 432 Senior Professional Project   6
CIS 493 Senior Seminar     1

Required Related Courses

Courses Title   Credits
BUSAD 270 Business Communications   3
MGMT 201 Principles of Management   3
MGMT 368 Project Management   3

CIS Electives (12 Credits)

CIS electives are selected from the list below. Students may focus their CIS major in one of the following areas: computer security, software and web application development, systems analysis and design, database design and development, and network design and administration.

Courses Title   Credits
CIS 356 Mobile Application Programming   3
CIS 359 Advanced Programming with C#   3
CIS 360 IT Security   3
CIS 401 Network Systems Admin   3
CIS 402 Linux networks & Routing   3
CIS 411 Internet Server-Side Prog.   3
CIS 450 Database Systems II   3
CIS 461 IT Security Management   3
CIS 462 Computer Forensics   3
CIS 481 IT Implementation   3
CIS 482 IT Strategy   3
CIS 490 Special Projects   1-5
CIS 491 Special Topics   1-5
CIS 496 Cooperative Education 1-5

Computer Security Emphasis

CIS majors can complete the Computer Security emphasis by completing the following 12 CIS elective credits:

Courses Title   Credits
CIS 360 IT Security   3
CIS 461 IT Security Management   3
CIS 462 Computer Forensics   3
CIS 401 Network Systems Administration  
CIS 402 Linux Networks and Routing   3

Course Rotation
Planning Sheet
CIS 4-Year Plan
Academic Honesty Policy
CIS Prerequisites